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These songs were released between the months of January and June, 2020.


These songs were released between the months of January and June, 2020.

There are a number of content on Youtube that cater to the people seeking to enjoy Bodo music. These are available in both audio and video format. I am an avid fan of such content being a member of the community. As the title of this blog suggests, I list the best five Bodo songs released between the months of January and June, 2020. The list is prepared based purely on the taste of the author of this blog and neither does he claim expertise in the field of music nor media.

1. Kangkrai Khononaiyao

This song belongs to the genre of Khuga Methai. The song starts with a metaphorical connotation which says that while busy catching crabs for food, a snake caught instead. Swrang elopes with a beautiful girl (Monalisha) by tricking her father with rice beer who is lured by Swrang’s friend, Samir. However, the nature of Monalisha is revealed only afterwards, who according to the song refuses to do household chores. Not only this, according to the singer she seems to be obsessed with selfies of herself while foraging for wild vegetables rendering the freshly picked vegetables to dry and therefore unsuitable for consumption. As their married life go berserk, one fine morning Monalisha decides to break all ties with Swrang and once again elopes this time with his dear friend, Samir. Thus, we come to understand who is the delicious crab in the guise of the snake and who is compared with the frog ready to jump at the moment of opportunity.

“Khangkhrai khononayao jibwo mwnbwdwng,

Embwo bonglayabw honwi barsinbai thadwng.”

There is a bonus scene at the end. Please, wait until the end of the video song to watch it. Manab who is a versatile actor is lovely as the simpleton father and his acting in the beginning and end elicits laughter, whether it be the style in which he carries off the lengthi thebnai dress, or lured by the jwmai and the spontaneous movement of his tongue to show his interest at the drink being offered or lamenting about the way his daughter had affected his family’s honour.

“Ae jaowisw Aba, jaowisw Aba?

Hab be Ai-fisa hinjaoa bobeao thakhw, mathw nuakswi anglai.”

… “Aywi nongmargwoswnama hey Anan Gosai, ma jabaogwn, Gwila fafi hinjaoa bifani athing, gonthong mwkhangkhw, athingni asagur gaswibw hananwi langfajwbbai. Hey Isor, ma khalambaonangwo jakhw angha.”

He has been creating his own niche in the world of Bodo entertainment. His bright colored garment designs, choreography, and his versatility in carrying off certain characters while also being cast as a lead in some videos is most laudable. Monalisha’s role as a negative lead is perfectly etched out making an impression with the audience from the beginning of the video itself. She shows her dissatisfaction quite clearly on seeing the moped vehicle as they ready to elope. (Generally, not a desired form of marriage, but once a couple elopes parents unwillingly consents to the marriage.) Although, she is dissed in the song, the story gives her agency to choose her admirers which is a commendable feat in this story. Swrang and Samir are sweet actors and very photogenic. Swrang has other videos where he’s the main lead. Swrang is a good comic actor and has a distinct South East Asian feature which could be his USP in the future. His other video which I need to mention here is Gurlub Gurlub.

The singer, Rupjyoti Hazowary, has also sung another romantic Bodo song Bwdwr Gwsw. Gifted with a beautiful voice, I am convinced that he will be the next romantic singer of Bodo language songs.

Click on the links to the music videos:

Khangkhrai Khononayao

Gurlu Gurlub

Bwdwr Gwsw

2. Jwsa Jwsa

Jwsa Jwsa also falls in the genre of Khuga Methai. It is a song where the brother-in-law played by Siddharth Boro wishes for a bride in the mirror image of his sister-in-law (Riya Brahma) who is compared to be as aromatic as the Jwsa rice, or else he’s ready to remain celibate for the rest of his life. He’s actually a lady magnet but despises them all who according to him have faces like pomelo. His interests are only for those ladies that possesses life skills, staying contented with only comb and mirror and without any make-up. To him others are just trash, who only achieve beauty after applying layers upon layers of make-up. Singers especially Biraj and a few others have been experimenting with this genre for quite some time. This song is another of Biraj’s hit number after Jahang Jahang, Jrao Jraowa jao and Rakhao Rasi. This song is entertaining to watch as well as being lyrically remarkable composed by Biraj & Sulen.

As if these are not enough, the video itself has a lot to offer. Siddharth is seen in his comical best. His sidekick in the video is a surprise. Both the actors have great choreography to shake a leg to. One of the scene where the marriageable boy goes family hopping for a bride, is especially interesting. Here, on being rejected, the girl is shown begging him to marry her. Towards the end, when Sid is taken to the fortune teller (Biraj), it is interesting that he finally have to suggest his own pin-up girl’s picture to Sid as his bride. The video elicits comical situations through the carefully placed suggestive situations, a good side-kick, great choreography, lyrics and music.

Click on the links to the music videos:

Jwsa Jwsa

Jahang Jahang

Jrao Jraowa Jrao

Rakhao Rasi

3. Bilwgw Bwisagu

This song celebrates friendship between two female friends. Although this song is not meant to represent alternative sexualities, it is unique because a bilwgw bwisagu has never been represented in a video song format. This song is a beautiful tribute to friendship during the spring festival sung by the melodious singer Nitamoni Boro.

Click on the link to the music video:

Bilwgw Bwisagu

4. Kwmsi Jieu

Kwmsi Jieu is a melodious duet that will suit your sombre mood. Please click on the link to listen to the song.

Click on the link to the music video:

Kwmsi Jieu

I am also posting the lyrics of the song for your convenience below.

Kwmsi Jieu


Manwdi Gwswa Dinwi

Gwjan Gwjan Mwnnw..

Manwdi Gwswa Dinwi

Harsing Harsing Mwnnw..


Mwnnw Nwngkownw serao...

Mwnnw Nwngkownw serao...


Raha gwiya

kwmsi jieuyao...

Dwnkwmabayw Gwrwbao...

Onnai nwngni


Burkaiswi megonni mwdwi..

Male :

Fwiywi Fwywi

Gwjan lama...

Andalangbysw manw

Bwi Gwjwn bublini somfwra

Nagirfinbaoyw manw

Gwjwn jieuni finnai..


Bilirfwiyw sudem bar jana..

Gelefwiyw nijwm horni simangao..

Garbwnai simang mijingfwra dinwibw....

Garbwnai simang mijingfwra dinwibw....


Gandhi’s (money's) in my pocket…Angni flow aa gazza…

Finally, credit must be given to Hironya for bringing the millennial swag with this song. This genre of singing is new in the Bodo language. This group of singers have placed certain signature Sanjari accented words within their lyrics. In this song one can point words such as baissa, gazza, khosa and many more which endear them to the region they belong. The group isn’t shy in boasting about the place where they belong either. Rhymes such as GUCCI Dimakuchi, places which are an important economic powerhouse to Udalguri are used with a sense of pride. Although the lyrics is a simple guy trynna look and be cool infront of his lady in the hope of scoring a moment with her, the distinctive usage of words indicating location, the choice of words and the way they are made to rhyme is unique. The lead singer has a sweet voice which brings much more interest to the song. Dakhathi has also been released recently by Hironya in collaboration with Loyal B.

Click on the link to the music video:



Other songs which could not be included in this list are put up as Honourable Mentions below.

R.Rwnao "Dongo nama nwng"

Sung as a tribute on the demise of a young artiste Priyanka Boro, we feel Razeef’s grief through this song.

Click on the link below to listen to the song

Dongo nama nwng

Swrjisuma "Pwisali Andwni Solo Bata" (The Story Behind The Closed Curtain)

This song sums up the political scenario in the BTAD areas at the moment. Most of you guys may (or not) agree with this hard hitting song. To listen what he has to say about the story cooking behind the closed curtain... on the link below to listen to the song

Pwisali Andwni Solo Bata

Wait for the next list to be prepared by Zaoliya Gwsw.

Please comment and let us know if you agree with Zaoliya and his list. If you don't agree, please comment what songs should we have included and what would be your list. You can also email us at


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